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March ’13 Technology Training

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“Reely” Start to Appeal to Your Clients
When looking to buy, sell, or rent property, Consumers want to work with agents who know their stuff., allows agents to communicate their specialized skills and identify the local markets they serve in an efficient way.

When you create a profile, you can connect to specific local markets while communicating your strengths in your own words using video. The result? Agents are happy because you attracted the type of consumers you want and are best matched. Consumers are happy because they found and chose the perfect Agent to help them in their next transaction. is a great video competitive advantage for lead generation.

Surprising Social Media Stats That Can Affect Your Business
Here is a just a taste of some of the stats from a recent study by Business Insider.

1. Which social media tool has replaced Facebook as a top resource for some of the faster growing private companies?

2. What social media site has users that spend 15x more than Facebook users?

3. What are the top Social Media cities?

Want to know more and how this can shape your Social Media marketing?  Check out the full SOCIAL MEDIA INSIGHTS article on

Let Us Help With A New Vision for Your Websites & Social Media

REAL Estate Sites

REAL Results
My design team has helped enhance over 6,000 KW websites and can help you with the lead capture, content, SEO and overall look of your KW Websites for a minimal onetime fee.  We deliver the custom look AND content your sites need to be successful.
Looking to improve your KW eEdge and eAgentC Websites?  Want a fresh look?  More importantly, are you ready for better SEO and improved Lead Capture?  Need someone to help with all of the IN DEPTH settings and vision for your sites?  We can help.

Need assistance with your social media?  We have you covered there as well.  We will develop a branded Facebook business page, WordPress blog, a Pinterest page, a YouTube channel and more.  All with the look that you want and the lead capture that you need.  Need help with EVERYTHING!  We offer a complete, discounted website/social media setup package.

View sample sites on and contact us to get started.  Here are some new additional sites that we just finished: Randee Hainline, Stacy Perry and Betsy Voegtlin.


Social Media November Tips

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To Verify your Twitter Settings:

  • Logon to Twitter
  • Settings are located in the drop down box on the TOP RIGHT side (next to the search box)
  • Verify the box Tweet Privacy is UNCHECKED

How to create a future post on Facebook:

  • Go to your Business and begin typing a post/loading a picture/a URL link
  • You will notice a clock in the bottom right corner, click that
  • It will ask you to enter a start date if you have not already done so.  Simply enter 2012
  • Then you can follow the easy to use steps to create a future post on facebook.  The post will be in your activity log which is located in the Top Admin panel under Edit page/

Adding a video to your Blog (just like we did here)

  • Find the video on YouTube (keep this window open)
  • Sign on to WordPress, open the dashboard to create a post
  • Copy the URL of the video
  • While the video is playing in the open window, go back to WordPress and paste the URL into the post.  Verify the video is visible by hitting Preview in the top right corner.

Adding Instagram Photos to your WordPress Blog, directions are located here.

Susan’s favorite home in Mckinney during the holidays!

May ’12 Tech Tidbits from Michael Tritthart

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Unique Ways to Reach Out to Your Clients
Technology Tidbits from Michael Tritthart Facebook Business PageHere are a couple of items that are outside the norm but can be just as effective in communicating with your clients – A great item to share with your database, offer it as a closing gift or even use for yourself.  This takes the pedometer to the next level and appeals to one of our basic reactions in life…We like to win free stuff.  The more you use your device, the more you are rewarded.  Go check it out, you will like it! – When you decide to reach out to your database to let them know about use HandFont.  Submit a sample of your handwriting to this site and they will create a font that you can load to your machine.  You can then “write” a letter to your clients.  Give your marketing pieces that personal touch!

Social Media Enhancements – Quick Facebook Tips
Social Media Enhancements

Here are some easy guidelines to make Facebook a more personal experience for your business.

Provided by Susan, the Social Media guru, on my design team.

  • Not EVERY post has to be a Selling moment…REALLY!Share something FUN about what you do/did
  •  Post crazy Realtor Pictures…tons on the web, and they are funny!  From crazy messy kitchens to BIZARRE bathrooms.  They will get responses and everyone know someone who has sold a house like that!
  • Grand Openings…if something is opening in your community, ANNOUNCE it!
  • Community announcements.  Have your finger on the pulse of the community by promoting neighborhood events, festivals etc.
  • Honor Roll in the paper….FB Congrats to those families.
  • Listed and Sold a home quickly…100% share that news
  • At the closing table, do a quick video testimonial or picture of your happy clients and tag them in the photo with a nice description.  Great way to their friends and them to discuss how great it was working with you.
  • IMPORTANT….if someone comments on your post, please respond back!  FB is about SOCIAL INTERACTION!
  • If someone COMPLAINS on your wall, don’t panic!  If it is grossly personal, then delete it.  If it is simply a ‘you didn’t _______’ comment, then respond and let them know you sent them a direct email.
  • Spend 10 minutes on your FB & Twitter in the morning and then another 10 minutes in the afternoon.

eEdge TrainingNeed more help with Social Media? Susan on my team offers a Social Media eEdge enhancement package.  She can build your Social Media platforms and connect them together to where you can easily manage/update the sites.  She can also train you to manage the sites or even manage your Social Media platform for you for a low monthly fee.

Go to Social Media Enhancements on for more details and to get a quote!

Enhance Your KW eEdge and eAgentC Websites
NEW SAMPLES ON MY SITE! Looking to improve your KW Websites?  There is value in using both; one for your haven’t mets and one for your have mets.  I have helped enhance over 4,500 KW websites and can help you with the lead capture, content, SEO and overall look of your KW Websites for a minimal onetime fee.
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