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April 2015 Technology Tidbits

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No Foolin’ – The Big Boys Are Making Some Major Changes
Google Mobile-Friendly Test – Google is bringing a major change to it’s search algorithm on April 21st.  If your site is mobile optimized all is good.  If not, the Search Engine Optimization could be affected.  Fear not, once you pass the test, you will be back in Google’s good graces.  Test your site by going to the Google Mobile-Friendly test on  KW agents – you can have your eAgentc pass the test by watching and following the steps in my Google Mobile Friendly video.

Facebook Embed Video – Facebook is taking a major shot at YouTube’s market share.  The next evolution of this is Facebook embed videos.  Now, you can take a publicly shared video and add that to your website/blog with code.  Videos about your community, ones you have posted.  Or better yet, think of how many kitten videos you can now easily add to your blog!  More information about what this is and install directions can be found on

DuckDuckGo  Not one of the big boys, but an up-and-comer for a major reason.  Tracking and the lack there of.  Predictive data is huge in 2015.  It is a major factor in the marketing and structure of many companies and real estate businesses.  But sometimes, the little guy gets tired of every move online being tracked and ads popping up, tailored to those searches.  That is where DuckDuckGo comes into play.  No ads.  Just clean natural results.  It’s actually kind of refreshing to use.  Go check it out for yourself.  It can be found, along with more useful sites on


Sept. ’13 Tech Tidbits

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One of the Best Things Facebook Has Ever Created!
Ok, I am overdoing it just a little bit.  But the feature recently released by Facebook has enormous potential.  With Facebook Embeddable Posts, you add a post from your Facebook page or personal profile to your website and/or blog.  What does this mean?  You can add FRESH content to your site that will allow users to:

  1. Like/share the post from your website/blog
  2. Visit and like your Facebook page 
  3. Add comments to the post 
  4. View comments and shares on the post 
  5. Embed your post into their own website/blog. (Click the drop down next to the “Like Page” or “Follow” button to access the embed code.)

What are some topics that I can add?  Pretty much anything your want.  Check out the post that Steve Rider added to his eAgentc site.  I added recently completed samples to the home page of  Watch the video below for more info on this great feature and how to add it to your eAgentc site.

I Didn’t Know We Could Do That!
That is a common phrase that I hear with technology; especially with social media.  Below are some tips that can help you easily build your online presence.

Boomerang for Gmail – This Google Chrome plug-in is a valuable addition for Gmail users.  Boomerang allows you to schedule an email to go out later, remind you when to follow up on an email, remind you if you don’t hear back and so much more.  Very powerful and very free! – Need to get your message out to the masses?  Use this  system to send it via bulk text messaging.

Time To Market Your KW App – We Can Help
KW Agents – The Mobile App is Here!  Now What?  Time to market it that’s what!  You should have the App showcased everywhere; especially on your two KW websites.  Do you need some help in doing this?  My design team can help with this, getting your mobile app marketing campaigns going and organizing your eEdge database/back office.  Reach out to us for info on our KW App Advertising/eEdge Database help.

Let Us Help With A New Vision for Your Websites & Social Media

REAL Estate Sites 

REAL Results

My design team has helped enhance over 6,000 KW websites and can help you with the lead capture, content, SEO and overall look of your KW Websites for a minimal onetime fee.  We deliver the custom look AND content your sites need to be successful. 


Looking to improve your KW eEdge and eAgentC Websites?  Want a fresh look?  More importantly, are you ready for better SEO and improved Lead Capture?  Need someone to help with all of the IN DEPTH settings and vision for your sites?  We can help. 

Need assistance with your social media?  We have you covered there as well.  We will develop a branded Facebook business page, WordPress blog, a Pinterest page, a YouTube channel and more.  All with the look that you want and the lead capture that you need.  Need help with EVERYTHING!  We offer a complete, discounted website/social media setup package.

View sample sites on and contact us to get started.  Here are some new additional sites that we just finished: Susan McKinney, Josh Mente, Roger Curry and Betsy Voegtlin.