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February, 2015 Tech Tidbits Newsletter

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3 Ways to Kickstart Your Business in 2015!

2015 is shaping up to be another great year in real estate.  Here are 3 items to help get you the online edge you need to be successful.

Google Domains – Great timing for Google on this recently announced offering and really, really bad timing by Godaddy.  Godaddy just released an offensive Super Bowl commercial (quickly pulled) that has animal lovers up in arms.  Just a few weeks ago, Google announced that it was getting into the domain name business.  Need to get a new domain name?  You may want to check out what Google offers.   See this and other value adds from Google on

TalkWalker –  Now that you have a domain name for your site, you need content.  Struggling to think of something to write?  You can always use Google Alerts.  But add TalkWalker to the mix for free.  This site allows you to view blog posts and other social media platforms, in addition to the many of the same sites Google Alerts provides.  Remember, do not just copy/paste.  Copy, modify and then paste.  Use the data to help create your own custom content; which Google (and your potential clients) will love. View TalkWalker and other sites on my Useful Websites resource page on

Pop Up Tools for Leads – Domain name?  Check.  Content?  Check.  Now you  need the lead capture.  Though controversial to some, pop up boxes may be just what you need.  Check out 5 pop up tools that you can add to your website to encourage registration.  They can be modified and adjusted as you wish to maximize effectiveness.   This great article from Inman can be found here on

eAgentc Home Page Restyle Offer EXPIRES At The End of February, 2015!


October ’14 Technology Tidbits

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My Recent Aha’s For Improving Your Business
energy_saving_bulb.jpg Hopefully everyone understands what an Aha is.
That is the light bulb moment you get when you
see/hear/feel some outstanding information that
can change your business and life.  A couple of
weeks ago at Mega Camp there were some Aha
moments.  The two biggest ones are actually
confirmations of Aha’s that I believe in and train
on in my sessions.

1.  Just follow the plan when it come to real estate.  Almost everyone

on stage commented on how they followed scripts, used the models
outlined by the Millionaire Real Estate book, etc.  BE PURPOSEFUL in
what you do.

2.  Get your fair share of the easy leads – the low hanging fruit.

Facebook has many different ways to accomplish that that I teach
in my classes.
of the most powerful ways to generate leads is to create a Facebook
Boosted Post.  Below is an image to a recent post that I created that
reached over 34,000 people and cost only $150!  Click the Boosted
Post image below to watch a training video on how to create your
own post and start to generate leads – quickly!

How We Can Help Your Business
Do you need some assistance with your online presence?  We are here to help.  Click any of the links or images below to start the process of improving your business.

Custom Blog Site – Need a custom look for your main site, a new community resource or a niche topic blog?  We can do that!  These services are open to EVERYONE.
Enhanced KW Sites – eAgentc and eEdge for KW agents.  Maximize the look, Search Engine Optimization and lead capture capabilities of sites that you already pay for each month!  We offer discount pricing on the website/social media combo package.

Social Media Enhancements – Do you need to create a stronger social media platform designed to funnel to your lead capture sites?  We have your covered!

eEdge Database Full Service – Does this look like you trying to organize your database?  We can make your life a whole lot easier.  We will upload your database into eEdge, create the groups, activate your marketing and more.  Basically we will flip on all the switches and get your going!

The Most Underused Keller Williams Tech Tool Out There
At Keller Williams many of the marketing/lead generation tools are agent focused; and rightly so.  However, the Market Center website can be a powerful lead generation tool for all of the agents in the Market Center.  With some work, custom community searches, focused map searches, indexable listings and more can be created on the site.  The site can end up looking and working like the site to the right.

Does you Market Center need help in the enhancement?  I have a designer on my team that focuses exclusively on the Market Center sites.  Get the look enhanced and leads coming in for your office.  Contact us to start the Market Center website enhancement process.

Top 10 To-Do List for 2013 Keller Williams Family Reunion Dallas Attendees

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KW agents, I hope you are able to make it to Dallas for Family Reunion; a place that I have called home for almost 20 years.  In addition to the Family Reunion festivities, here is my To-Do list for KW agents visiting to downtown Dallas and the Metroplex.  Local agents, add your favorites to the list as well.

1. Check out the new Perot Museum.  A very cool looking building with even better items inside.

2. Visit the Dallas Aquarium.  In my opinion it is vastly underrated and on par with some of the best national aquariums.

3. Experience the Sixth Floor Museum.  You don’t have to be a history buff to be moved by the museum.  Make sure and check out the grassy knoll.  It gives you a whole new perspective on this tragic event.

4. Hockey is back.  Check out a Dallas Stars game.  American Airlines Arena is a great place to watch a game.

5.  Kick up your heels in Ft. Worth at the Stockyards.  Great food, boots and big buckles; who could ask for more?

6.  Visit “Jerry World” AKA Cowboys Stadium.  Take the stadium tour.  There are not enough words to describe this experience.

7. Uhh, shopping.  There is amazing shopping opportunities everywhere throughout DFW.

8. Use GuideLive as your go-to site while in town.

9. Eat Tex-Mex, BBQ – Then repeat.  Tons of great restaurants (of all types) in the area.  You can’t go wrong!

10.  Most importantly – Attend my three training sessions at KW Family Reunion!  That’s a no-brainer!