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April 2015 Technology Tidbits

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No Foolin’ – The Big Boys Are Making Some Major Changes
Google Mobile-Friendly Test – Google is bringing a major change to it’s search algorithm on April 21st.  If your site is mobile optimized all is good.  If not, the Search Engine Optimization could be affected.  Fear not, once you pass the test, you will be back in Google’s good graces.  Test your site by going to the Google Mobile-Friendly test on  KW agents – you can have your eAgentc pass the test by watching and following the steps in my Google Mobile Friendly video.

Facebook Embed Video – Facebook is taking a major shot at YouTube’s market share.  The next evolution of this is Facebook embed videos.  Now, you can take a publicly shared video and add that to your website/blog with code.  Videos about your community, ones you have posted.  Or better yet, think of how many kitten videos you can now easily add to your blog!  More information about what this is and install directions can be found on

DuckDuckGo  Not one of the big boys, but an up-and-comer for a major reason.  Tracking and the lack there of.  Predictive data is huge in 2015.  It is a major factor in the marketing and structure of many companies and real estate businesses.  But sometimes, the little guy gets tired of every move online being tracked and ads popping up, tailored to those searches.  That is where DuckDuckGo comes into play.  No ads.  Just clean natural results.  It’s actually kind of refreshing to use.  Go check it out for yourself.  It can be found, along with more useful sites on


March 2015 Design Special from

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Social Media Offer EXPIRES March 31st, 2015!

March 2015 Tech Tidbits Newsletter from Michael Tritthart

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No big buildup or description on these.  Simplify your life and business.  Find these useful sites and more on

Firefox Hello – This FREE add-on to the Firefox toolbar allows for 1 to 1 video and voice conversations.  Easy to use and share with your clients.  

GetMagicNow – A fast way to get what you need.  Text your need to this number… and magic happens!

IFTTT Do Button, Do Note and Do Camera – One of my favorite resources, IFTTT, has created personalized, one-touch easy buttons for your phone.  Man, we have gotten efficient, or lazy.  You decide.

ICukoo Charity Alarm Clock – Pretty simple, if you hit the snooze you donate to charity.  Currently only charities in the UK, but hopefully to the US very soon.

December ’14 Technology Tidbits

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4 Gifts That Keep on Giving

Client TestimonialsTis’ the season….for client testimonials!  Client testimonials/reviews are some of the best (and free!) ways to improve your SEO and generate more leads.  Think about how many times you check reviews before going to a restaurant, movie, event, etc.  More and more potential real estate clients are doing the same thing.  But where should real estate agents ask for/post reviews?  Here are just a few.

1.  Zillow – Zillow alters how agents are ranked and viewed on their site; partially based on agent reviews.  Go to tidbits for 19 tips on how to get more reviews.

2.  Market Leader Websites – The Market Leader (now owned by Trulia, soon to be purchased by Zillow) websites have a spot to load reviews. Agents: share the link to the About page on your website with clients.  There is a recommend button on that page where clients can type reviews.  Agents – if you have some testimonials from previous clients and need a place to showcase them, you can load them (with your client’s approval of course) on this page as well.  View an example of this at the bottom of our list of website designs.

3. YouTube then Facebook – The hardest thing to do is to get a testimonial after the fact.  Get that testimonial at the closing table.  Use your smart phone or tablet and video tape your clients sharing “One Thing” that you did to help the closing happen.  They will then share more than one thing and create a great video that you can post on your YouTube channel and add to your website.  You can then post on Facebook and tag your clients as well.  That is a great way to generate more leads from their friends and family.  Just make sure and ask for your client’s approval first.  Heck, you can even it post these to your LinkedIn page!  Log into LinkedIn and view my testimonials at

4.  Google – The BEST SEO site by far.  Create a profile at Google My Business.  Clients who then have a Google account can write a review about your business.  A review that will show up in Google results and actually help your clients show up more in Google searches.  A win-win all around.

Write a Review of MTritt Inc
I Need You –
To Write a Review!

In fact, if my training, newsletter or design team has helped to improve your business,

KW Megacamp 2014 Design Special. Request a FREE quote.

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Ready to Get ALL of your KW website platforms and social media sites set up correctly? How about saving some money along the way? Use this MEGACAMP coupon code until the end of September.  Request a FREE quote here.  View various samples from the Design Team.

June 2014 Technology Tidbits

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Google Doesn’t Play Fair – And You Don’t Have To Either
If you have been to my workshops before, you have probably heard me say “Google owns the world and we just happen to live in it.”  That is very true with SEO.  They set the rules and they play favorites to their programs.  If you are not using Google+ then you are missing out on one the easiest ways to get ranked higher.

  • Take your free Google+ account and enhance it.  Here is the one I have developed for my training and social media design business.
  • Post content about your relevant topics and include the keywords in the title and body of the post.  Ex. subdivisions, niche topics, listings, your name, etc.  Lots of different options.  You choose.
  • That’s it!  Pretty simple and you will start to see immediate results.  Need proof?  Check out the example of increased SEO under Google+ on this link.   The update that I did for Susan in the example showed in less than 10 SECONDS!
  • Do you have a problem of your listings not showing up first in the search results?  Create a blog post about your new listing, publish it, add it to Google+, THEN add the listing to MLS and push it out.  Go back and add the MLS ID number to your Blog and Google+ post.  Extra work but you should like the results!

Google+ also has other treasure troves.  Such as Google+ Stories and Movies.  You can create marketing pieces for your listings, neighborhoods, etc. in a matter of minutes.  Google provides the blueprint to better SEO, you just have to follow it.  Need some help?  Attend my sessions and/or have my team help build the online platforms you need.

April ’14 Technology Tidbits

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There have been quite a few changes lately.  Some of which have greatly altered the business practice of many agents.  Let’s discuss the biggest change first.

Craigslist – The King is dead, long live the king.  Right or wrong, Craigslist has made major changes to restrict what can be advertised in real estate ads.  Check out the new Craigslist updates, via this great graphic from  These changes will open up the door to other alternatives for online advertising.  Google+, in my opinion, will see more activity.  Another is; which has a very similar Craigslist feel to it and I bet will see a surge in activity.

Blogging – Years ago when blogging first came out it was greatly suggested.  The it faded away and now blogging is back with a vengeance.  Mainly because blogging has such great SEO.  But the biggest problem remains for many agents – actually sitting down and blogging.  Here are 16 Blogging Resources to make that process easier.

Zapier – Now, here is the really good change (great one actually!)  Zapier allows you to automate over 250 web apps.  Such as adding an RSS feed to your Facebook page and more.  It works very similar to one my favorite sites,  Many of the action items from each site compliment each other.  Check out what Zapier and can do for you.

BIG Improvements for KW Products
Keller Williams is constantly improving the tools provided to their agents.  Here are two big changes.

KW Mobile App Seamless Branding.  The mobile app for each agent now offers seamless branding.  No need for your clients to download a code.  Market your mobile app URL.  Clients tap the open or view button and they can download YOUR app without the need for an install code. 

Additionally, use the AppShare option to text your app to clients.  This will enable them to receive the app, install and open it, again without an install code.  Do you and your office need more training on the app and all of the KW Tech ToolsContact me to inquire about available training dates.

Here is a BIG, BIG, BIG one.  A common complaint has been the inability to forward the Market Leader email.  Thanks to Katrina Benton, here are steps on how to forward the email to your Gmail account or your KW email (now checked within Google.)  My TIP:  Copy/paste the email AND the password when inputting into the correct spots, instead of typing in the data.  Doing this setup will ensure that you are not missing any business and will streamline your business process. 

How We Can Help Your Business
Do you need some assistance with your online presence?  We are here to help.  Click any of the links or images below to start the process of improving your business.

Custom Blog Site – Need a custom look for your main site, a new community resource or a niche topic blog?  We can do that!  These services are open to EVERYONE. 
Enhanced KW Sites – eAgentc and eEdge for KW agents.  Maximize the look, Search Engine Optimization and lead capture capabilities of sites that you already pay for each month!  We offer discount pricing on the website/social media combo package.

Social Media Enhancements – Do you need to create a stronger social media platform designed to funnel to your lead capture sites?  We have your covered!

eEdge Database Full Service – Does this look like you trying to organize your database?  We can make your life a whole lot easier.  We will upload your database into eEdge, create the groups, activate your marketing and more.  Basically we will flip on all the switches and get your going!

The Most Underused Keller Williams Tech Tool Out There
At Keller Williams many of the marketing/lead generation tools are agent focused; and rightly so.  However, the Market Center website can be a powerful lead generation tool for all of the agents in the Market Center.  With some work, custom community searches, focused map searches, indexable listings and more can be created on the site.  The site can end up looking and working like the site to the right. 
Does you Market Center need help in the enhancement?  I have a designer on my team that focuses exclusively on the Market Center sites.  Get the look enhanced and leads coming in for your office.  Contact us to start the Market Center website enhancement process.

2013 Business Kickstarts

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Use the items below to help take your business to new heights in 2013.

A part of using Social Networking is to increase your personal brand.  Here are two new, easy and free sites to help all agents out with that.

RebelMouse – This is a social media aggregate that takes your posts and creates an up to date site.

Vizify – Concept is similar to RebelMouse but the output is very different.  A nice clean design that is easy to edit.

The first item below is open to all agents.  MyRedGuru is currently exclusive to KW agents.

Real Estate – The Process Explained – As the popularity of DotLoop grows within not just Keller Williams, but the real estate industry as a whole, there is a great video on this link that explains the process.  The page also contains links to improving the use of DotLoop for you and your clients.

MyRedGuru – From John Pohly, this is one the best online resources on how to improve your SEO and lead capture capabilities.  Do what he shares with you and it will work! – A new look and updated services for 2013

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A New Look and New Service Options

Click on the image above to check out the new look of  My team am I designed it to be easier for you to navigate to all the tools that you need.  One nice, new feature is our combo website/social media offering.  We have done thousands of website and social media enhancements for agents.  Now, if you do the full package enhancement you get a reduced price!  Click the SEO image above to check out the offers.

Add These To Your 2013 Business List

Below are 3 items that will help you get off to a great start in 2013.

1.  Best Apps for Real Estate This is an easy holiday offering.  34 great apps; many of which are free.  They have apps for all types of devices.

2.  CruxSKUNK This is a product offered by for your iPad.  It turns your iPad into a MacBook like device.  I ordered one myself!  Not an iPad user? has covers for other tablets.

3.  Fantastical is a great calendar tool that now has an iPad app; which is currently on sale in the app store.

Let Us Help You With A Whole New Vision for Your Websites
Real Estate Sites
Real Results

Looking to improve your KW eEdge and eAgentC Websites?  Want a fresh look?  More importantly, are you ready for better SEO and improved Lead Capture?  Need someone to help with all of the IN DEPTH settings and vision for your sites?

My design team has helped enhance over 5,000 KW websites and can help you with the lead capture, content, SEO and overall look of your KW Websites for a minimal onetime fee.  We deliver the custom look AND content your sites need to be successful.


View sample sites on and contact us to get started.  Here are some new additional sites that we just finished: Randee Hainline, Stacy Perry and Monica Parker.

Social Media November Tips

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To Verify your Twitter Settings:

  • Logon to Twitter
  • Settings are located in the drop down box on the TOP RIGHT side (next to the search box)
  • Verify the box Tweet Privacy is UNCHECKED

How to create a future post on Facebook:

  • Go to your Business and begin typing a post/loading a picture/a URL link
  • You will notice a clock in the bottom right corner, click that
  • It will ask you to enter a start date if you have not already done so.  Simply enter 2012
  • Then you can follow the easy to use steps to create a future post on facebook.  The post will be in your activity log which is located in the Top Admin panel under Edit page/

Adding a video to your Blog (just like we did here)

  • Find the video on YouTube (keep this window open)
  • Sign on to WordPress, open the dashboard to create a post
  • Copy the URL of the video
  • While the video is playing in the open window, go back to WordPress and paste the URL into the post.  Verify the video is visible by hitting Preview in the top right corner.

Adding Instagram Photos to your WordPress Blog, directions are located here.

Susan’s favorite home in Mckinney during the holidays!