July ’15 Technology Tidbits from Michael Tritthart

Tools to Improve Your Marketing
Getting the right marketing materials can make a world of difference for the better…or for the worse.  Let’s start with your photo.  This is one of the first impressions for potential clients.  If you haven’t updated your photo since that ’91 “Glamor Shot” it’s time to update.  If your photo still has hair and your don’t (I can relate) it’s time to update.  If you walked into a listing presentation and the seller asked “Are you the grandmother of the agent on the card?” then it’s time to update.

Photo Touch-Ups You go out and get a new photo.  You look great, but the photo has that boring portrait sitting background.  Or worse it was a great photo of you at an event, but the background is horrible.  That can be fixed.  Go to this MichaelTritthart.com link and scroll down to Photo Touch-ups.  For a $50 fee this company will touch up your photo, but more importantly, you can choose a professional looking background.  An office building, interior of a home, etc.  Well worth the $50 one time investment.

Google Photos This brand new free app is still being figured out by the masses, but the results so far have been amazing.  The app will allow you to store your photos and very easily create a slideshow, photo album, movie and more.  All from your phone.  Pretty amazing and super easy.  Check out more Google Photo details and samples on MichaelTritthart.com.


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