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January ’15 Technology Tidbits from Michael Tritthart

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2015 Brings Some Big Changes – Are You Ready?
2014 was a great year for real estate.  Time to make it even better in 2015.  Kicking off my 11th year of newsletters (that blows my mind) there is a big change to Facebook on a couple of fronts.

1.  Facebook is gunning after Google and YouTube.  Recently, for the first time, more videos were loaded to Facebook than YouTube.  Facebook is testing new video channels that operate and look very similar to YouTube pages.  Check out this info further on

2.  But the biggest marketing change of all for Facebook starts in January.  Facebook is moving their pages more and more toward pay posts.  Basically, you want your posts to be seen?  Time to pay.  The focus is moving away from the amount of likes you have toward the following key points:

  • Research the New Rules – Posts that are all about promotions with no content, promote installing an app or just copying company advertisements are a no go in 2015.
  • Be Unique – Don’t just copy and paste.  This is going to be the biggest challenge and yet biggest opportunity for marketing your business.  Rule of thumb – get creative and engage your audience!
  • Drive Them to Your Site – This is something that has not changed.  Facebook is (has been) a sales funnel for your sites.  Continue to drive them to your lead capture sites.  Just make sure your sites are set up correctly to capture the leads.
  • Don’t Fight It – The changes are happening whether you like it or not.  Change inevitably happens, so adjust your marketing techniques and continue to grow in 2015.
Check out more Facebook lead generation techniques on

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