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December ’14 Technology Tidbits

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4 Gifts That Keep on Giving

Client TestimonialsTis’ the season….for client testimonials!  Client testimonials/reviews are some of the best (and free!) ways to improve your SEO and generate more leads.  Think about how many times you check reviews before going to a restaurant, movie, event, etc.  More and more potential real estate clients are doing the same thing.  But where should real estate agents ask for/post reviews?  Here are just a few.

1.  Zillow – Zillow alters how agents are ranked and viewed on their site; partially based on agent reviews.  Go to tidbits for 19 tips on how to get more reviews.

2.  Market Leader Websites – The Market Leader (now owned by Trulia, soon to be purchased by Zillow) websites have a spot to load reviews. Agents: share the link to the About page on your website with clients.  There is a recommend button on that page where clients can type reviews.  Agents – if you have some testimonials from previous clients and need a place to showcase them, you can load them (with your client’s approval of course) on this page as well.  View an example of this at the bottom of our list of website designs.

3. YouTube then Facebook – The hardest thing to do is to get a testimonial after the fact.  Get that testimonial at the closing table.  Use your smart phone or tablet and video tape your clients sharing “One Thing” that you did to help the closing happen.  They will then share more than one thing and create a great video that you can post on your YouTube channel and add to your website.  You can then post on Facebook and tag your clients as well.  That is a great way to generate more leads from their friends and family.  Just make sure and ask for your client’s approval first.  Heck, you can even it post these to your LinkedIn page!  Log into LinkedIn and view my testimonials at

4.  Google – The BEST SEO site by far.  Create a profile at Google My Business.  Clients who then have a Google account can write a review about your business.  A review that will show up in Google results and actually help your clients show up more in Google searches.  A win-win all around.

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