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July 2014 Technology Tidbits

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4 Tools to Improve Your Marketing Materials
Recently, Social Media Examiner sent out a newsletter that has some amazing marketing design features.  Here are 4 of them worth checking out. (pictured to the left) – Use this site, for free, to create some truly amazing marketing pieces.  Use them for Google+ or Facebook banners, blogs, posters and so much more. (pictured to the right) Convey your marketing message with easy to read infographics for free.  I will be using this for my business – big time!

Powtoon Improve your presentations by creating animated videos for the presentation for free! Combine your photos and videos into an amazing presentation.

Need help in applying these tools to your website(s) and/or your marketing pieces?  We can help.  Contact me for my team’s website and marketing offerings for Real Estate and other business industries

Google Continues to Get Amazingly Better
Google owns the world and just keeps getting stronger.  One of their most recent improvements can really impact your business for the better.  Google Places has recently been removed and replaced with Google My Business.

Google My Business combines into one system some of the best tools that Google offers.  This includes a business version of YouTube, client reviews, Google+ and more.  Thus, making it much easier to manage the account.

Need help in getting Google My Business set up?  My design team can assist with the setup.  Fill in the form and choose the Google My Business design option.  This service is open to ALL business minded people.