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Get Your eEdge Email Set Up in Google

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You can get your eEdge email to flow directly into your Google account.  It can go to your Gmail account or your KW email in the Gmail environment.  You choose which email to use.  This also works for eEdge, Pro or Realty Generator users!  Photos/directions below were created by Katrina Benton with Keller Williams Realty.  Click the photos below to enlarge

Follow these steps to start the eEdge to Google configuration process

Follow these steps to start the eEdge to Google configuration process

Complete the Process of Configuring Your eEdge Email Into Google

Complete the Process of Configuring Your eEdge Email Into Google


March ’14 Tech Tidbits by

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It’s Partnership Time

business_people2.jpg It was all about Allied Resources in 2013 and even more so in 2014.  It seems like everyone is partnering up, combining forces or buying each other out (see Facebook and WhatsApp).  Here are some recent partnerships that affect the real estate world and your business.


LandVoice and SmartZip – LandVoice provides numbers for expired listings and FSBOs among other items.   They have recently partnered with SmartZip to provide numbers to agents using SmartZip.  SmartZip offers Predictive Data for the neighborhoods that agents purchase.  Click here to know more about SmartZip and to contact them regarding their services with LandVoice.  


ArchAgent and Market Leader – (eEdge database for KW agents) –  ArchAgent has a PowerDialer, along with other products.  They provide expired listings and FSBO numbers as well.  What is the benefit of using their product?  Agents can import the contacts from ArchAgent into the Market Leader CRM – eEdge for KW agents.  Find out more about ArchAgent and getting it connected with Market Leader


Google and KW –  Google owns the world, we just happen to live in it.  I say this all the time in my training sessions.  You don’t believe me?  Check their stock prices!  The partnership between Keller Williams Realty and Google has just gotten stronger with the release of more items for Google Apps for Business.  This allows KW agents to set up Google+, YouTube, Google Voice, Google Places and more with the KW login for Google.  Google provides their products to EVERYONE and my training is open to EVERYONE.  Do you need a tech workshop for Google or other tech topics?  I can help. 


WebsiteBox and Zopim – WebsiteBox is a new offering in the website business for all Real Estate agents.  They recently partnered with Zopim to provide chat functions to their sites.  However, you need to know what you are doing in designing your site.  Here is my recruiting example:  Do you need some website design help?  My design team can assist. 

How Do You Accomplish Your One Thing!

Time management can be a difficult process in any business; especially in real estate.  What tools do you use to keep the focus on your one thing?  Check out these 7 time trackers to help take back control of your schedule and focus on your one thing.