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November ’13 Tech Tidbits

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Get Googleized

Starting in November, all KW agents are getting “Googleized.”  KW Agents will receive access to 4 Google Apps for Business tools in the initial roll-out:  Gmail, Talk, Drive and Calendar.  But Google tools work for everyone.  What about you and your business?  Are you Googleized?  Google has over 65 apps currently in the Google arsenal. 


In addition to the powerful functions mentioned above, Google provides a ton of valuable tools to real estate agents and other businesses.  Check out some of these on the Google page on  Highlights from the page include, Authorship, Boomerang, Alerts, Voice and so much more.  Take advantage of these FREE tools and more to grow your business.   BONUS TIP:  Check out the Google training videos on to help get you going with some of the great Google products. 

Do You Advertise on Craigslist?  You Better Read This….
Just in the past few days Craigslist has started to make a major change to how an ad will show on their site.  This is a staggered roll out; so some are not affected yet.  But soon all will be seeing the change.

What’s the change?  We don’t know the full scope yet.  But look at the image above.  You will no longer be able to add HTML code into your ads.  This will block photos, font changes and other HTML items from appearing.  It will also greatly affect various companies and their posting tools, making them ineffective in their current state.  Market Leader is aware of the changes and is looking at their Craigslist posting system to adhere to the new updates. 

If you use Craigslist you need to stay on top of the changes.  Contact the company you are using to help post your ads and they should be able to share updated, best practices with you.  Please remember that tech changes all the time and sometimes you have to roll with it!

The Most Underused Keller Williams Tech Tool Out There
At Keller Williams many of the marketing/lead generation tools are agent focused; and rightly so.  However, the Market Center website can be a powerful lead generation tool for all of the agents in the Market Center.  With some work, custom community searches, focused map searches, indexable listings and more can be created on the site.  The site can end up looking and working like the site to the right. 
Does you Market Center need help in the enhancement?  I have a designer on my team that focuses exclusively on the Market Center sites.  Get the look enhanced and leads coming in for your office.  Contact us to start the Market Center website enhancement process.

How We Can Help Your Business
Do you need some assistance with your online presence?  We are here to help.  Click any of the links or images below to start the process of improving your business.

Custom Blog Site – Need a custom look for your main site, a new community resource or a niche topic blog?  We can do that!  These services are open to EVERYONE. 


Enhanced KW Sites – eAgentc and eEdge for KW agents.  Maximize the look, Search Engine Optimization and lead capture capabilities of sites that you already pay for each month!  We offer discount pricing on the website/social media combo package

Social Media Enhancements – Do you need to create a stronger social media platform designed to funnel to your lead capture sites?  We have your covered!

eEdge Database Full Service – Does this look like you trying to organize your database?  We can make your life a whole lot easier.  We will upload your database into eEdge, create the groups, activate your marketing and more.  Basically we will flip on all the switches and get your going!