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July ’13 Technology Tidbits

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Create A New Avenue of Real Estate Marketing
Want to reach your potential clients in a whole new way?  Use screen capture video.  Walk buyers through the steps on how to run a custom search on your site.  Share reasons why a seller should list with you.  Showcase data/information about your market areas.  There are so many topics that you can use it for in your real estate business.  Now that you have the WHY, what about the HOW?

Screenflow screenshot

Screenflow this program (screenshot above) is for Mac users only and quite simply, is amazing.  This is the one that I use to create my videos.  The creation process is so easy and the upload to YouTube is seamless.  A must for Mac users.

Screenflow Alternatives for Windows The bad news: you can’t use Screenflow for Windows.  The good news: you have quite a few options to choose from.  One of the best is Camtasia Studio.

Don’t believe that video can impact your business?  Check out the ones I have created for real estate agents.  I have two new videos: eEdge and eAgentC – Adding to your sites  and eEdge Marketing – Add a QR Code to Your Marketing.  

My New Favorite App

MapMyRun MapMyRun is my new favorite toy.  As I travel around the US and Canada I often look for running trails to help stay in shape.  This app shows nearby maps, allows me to create my own trails, track my distance and so much more.  Not only will it track for runners, but it will track bikers.  It will even track your food/calorie intake.

Wanting to stay in shape or get in shape?  Check out this app.  Better yet, share this app with your new buyers who make fitness part of their decision making when buying a new home.  Use it for your sellers when promoting the nearby amenities of your listing. 

Let Us Help With A New Vision for Your Websites & Social Media

REAL Estate Sites 

REAL Results

My design team has helped enhance over 6,000 KW websites and can help you with the lead capture, content, SEO and overall look of your KW Websites for a minimal onetime fee.  We deliver the custom look AND content your sites need to be successful. 


Looking to improve your KW eEdge and eAgentC Websites?  Want a fresh look?  More importantly, are you ready for better SEO and improved Lead Capture?  Need someone to help with all of the IN DEPTH settings and vision for your sites?  We can help. 

Need assistance with your social media?  We have you covered there as well.  We will develop a branded Facebook business page, WordPress blog, a Pinterest page, a YouTube channel and more.  All with the look that you want and the lead capture that you need.  Need help with EVERYTHING!  We offer a complete, discounted website/social media setup package.

View sample sites on and contact us to get started.  Here are some new additional sites that we just finished: Susan McKinney, Josh Mente, Roger Curry and Betsy Voegtlin.