May ’13 Tech Tidbits

The Best Kept Facebook Secret

Sometimes it’s the little things in life that can make a world of difference.  I am getting ready to share something with you that may be so addictive for you and your clients that you will either love me for it…or hate me.  My wife found it first.  The back-story – she wanted to improve the living room and sell the old furnishings.  But she didn’t want to hold a garage sale or put on Craigslist.  Instead, she went Facebook and joined the garage sale groups. 

These groups allow you to share what you are selling and browse them for items for sale from the comfort of your own home.  They are also closed, controlled groups.  You don’t follow their code of selling – you are out of the group!  The challenge for my wife has been to pay for a third of the new furnishings by selling the old ones in the groups.  So far, she is right on target.

These sites are perfect for your sellers that need to thin the look of their home and buyers looking for new furnishings.  It can even be perfect for you!  Just go to Facebook and type in your area with online garage sales or garage sales behind the name.  The groups will come up and you or your clients can join.  Share this with your database!  Check out the Sites for Your Business resource on my site for more tips. 


NEW Tech Tutorial Videos

You asked for them – you got them!  Below are three new training videos to help you with your SEO, lead capture, website stickiness and more!


The Google Authorship Video will explain how to set this up with a step-by-step process.  This will greatly improve your SEO for your eEdge, eAgentc and blog sites.


The Wolfnet Back Office video shows you key points to set up in the back office to maximize your lead capture.


The Create Custom Searches with Wolfnet video is something that my design team uses all of the time to keep the search results framed in the eAgentc site.


Use these to improve your business and let me know if you have any questions. 



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