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Social Media November Tips

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To Verify your Twitter Settings:

  • Logon to Twitter
  • Settings are located in the drop down box on the TOP RIGHT side (next to the search box)
  • Verify the box Tweet Privacy is UNCHECKED

How to create a future post on Facebook:

  • Go to your Business and begin typing a post/loading a picture/a URL link
  • You will notice a clock in the bottom right corner, click that
  • It will ask you to enter a start date if you have not already done so.  Simply enter 2012
  • Then you can follow the easy to use steps to create a future post on facebook.  The post will be in your activity log which is located in the Top Admin panel under Edit page/

Adding a video to your Blog (just like we did here)

  • Find the video on YouTube (keep this window open)
  • Sign on to WordPress, open the dashboard to create a post
  • Copy the URL of the video
  • While the video is playing in the open window, go back to WordPress and paste the URL into the post.  Verify the video is visible by hitting Preview in the top right corner.

Adding Instagram Photos to your WordPress Blog, directions are located here.

Susan’s favorite home in Mckinney during the holidays!