March ’12 Technology Tidbits


March is one of my favorite months….Love me some college basketball!  However, March is off to a controversial start with technology.  Here’s why:

Google Privacy Policy Change  Google’s unified privacy policy change has a piece that starts March 1st that is causing concern among Google users.  Starting on the first, Google will begin to collect your Google Web History and share it among all of the Google products you use.  Gmail users already see this, but it does raise some privacy and “big brother” issues.  Want to know more about this and maybe more importantly, want to turn this OFF?  Follow the link on Google Privacy Policy Change to my Facebook business page for the full article and steps on how to change it.

The Hottest Tech Trend May Have a “Pin” Pop It  EVERYBODY it seems is joining Pinterest lately.  It is a fun, interesting site; however it could open you up to some legal issues.  Enough to make you think twice about using it.   Check out my Facebook business page for the full article and the legal problems it may open you up to.


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