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November 2011 Tech Tidbits

Posted in Facebook, Real Estate, Technology, Technology Training with tags , , , , , on November 9, 2011 by mtritthart
I hope everyone had a safe and fun time on Halloween. Here are two tech sites that will still put a scare into you. Ok, a little disclaimer here: (pretty bad if I have to do a disclaimer, huh?) This site is not for everyone. It will not infect your machine or your Facebook account. Google it if you don’t believe me.

Lollipop is a one-time download that puts your Facebook account into a creepy short movie; just in time for Halloween. The movie underscores a valid point regarding how vulnerable we are on line. It is very polarizing; reports are that there were big discussions at Facebook HQ when the site went up. Also Facebook contacted the creator to “inquire” about his intentions.

Bottom line: This site will make thing before your next Facebook posting involving family photos/data. If you want a creepy scare for Halloween and you want to be part of the movie then check out TakethisLollipop. Or do what I did and watch it with someone else’s data on YouTube!

Internet Archive Wayback Machine They’re baaack! One of my favorite sites is back up and better than ever. Just like radio waves in space, nothing on the internet ever goes away. To prove that point, Wayback has archived over 150 billion from 1996 (soon after Al Gore invented the internet!) to just a few months ago. How does this affect your business? Have you ever had a photo or text on an old site that you still wish you had? Would you like to see the activity history of your website over the course of years? Now you can.

Bottom line: This is a valuable and fun tool for your website. Since you can see how your site looked like in 1996 it may be even scarier than TakethisLollipop!