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September ’11 Technology Tidbits

Posted in eEdge, Real Estate, Technology, Technology Training on September 1, 2011 by mtritthart

Time to Get Organized

With summer winding down (as I type this it is 104 in Dallas; we still have a lot of unwinding to do!) and the kids headed back to school, it’s time to think about organizing for your business. You can only grow your business if you are focused on your 20%. Here are some tools to help with that focus. I picked this up from Ryan ( in my Toronto Ambassador session. Here is what he has to say about it: “I use it as my 10 days of pain follow up for emails as well then I switch them over to the 33 touch. It’s a good program.” I couldn’t have said it any better! Have you ever received an attachment but didn’t have the right program to open it? Problem solved! This easy to use site allows you to convert virtually any document file extension into one that you can open. FREE and easy to use!

IRIScanThis is a portable scanner for full pages and business cards that received a lot of attention in my classes this summer. It’s extremely handy with all of the business cards that I pick up from training sessions. I scan them, view them in the compatible software program and easily download into my database. I can scan more cards and update them if need be faster that any smart phone app out there. Currently, adding Google Analytics to your eEdge site is not an option. StatsCounter is a program that gives you similar data and is compatible with the eEdge sites. Check it out.