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August 2011 Technology Tidbits – Random Goodies

Posted in eEdge, MyTransactions - DotLoop, Real Estate, Technology, Technology Training on August 2, 2011 by mtritthart

I am typing this up while in Orlando, FL.  The eEdge Ambassador has been a huge success so far and everyone has been impressed with the Inman award winning eEdge product

Below is a mix of some links that I have found and some that have been shared on the tour. 

1.  100% on your white pages account This is a common question that I get all the time.  Sharing it again as a reminder.  Click the link to view the steps on how to get your profile to 100%; maximizing your 3rd KW Website.

2. One of my favorites.  This is a collection of items that people will do for $5.  A great site to find social networking, marketing and technology help.  Click the fun and bizare link if you dare! 

3. app GreatSchools has been doing a great job on offering public and private school data for years.  There is now an app for iPads and iPhones.

4. A site that has been around for years now. However, they have a widget option that you can now add to your site.  Great for leads! 

ANY OTHER SUGGESTIONS?  Go to and share your ideas on my Facebook page.