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July 2001 Tech Tidbits – SEO Mania!

Posted in Real Estate, Technology, Technology Training on June 30, 2011 by mtritthart

I went to Disneyland in June with the family so I have “mania” on the brain.  Instead of “Toy Story Mania” I present “SEO Mania!”  Below are some resources that can help improve your Search Engine Optimization; the first two of which are FREE!

1.  Google Wonder Wheel This is great resource to help you find the related keywords to a topic and how popular they are.  Run a Google search and look at the More Tools dropdown on the left to find Wonder Wheel.  This site will create a wheel of all related terms with links to more related terms.  Think of it this way; it is the SEO version of the Kevin Bacon’s 6 degrees of separation.

2. Go to this site and follow the step by step process.  First step is to add your website address to  Your site will then be added to/reviewed by multiple sites in a matter a seconds.  Click on each of the site links and follow the steps to complete the process.  These sites are very search engine friendly and are checked often by Google, Bing, etc.

 3.  Matt McDermott with  I met with Matt a couple of months ago and I was impressed with his ideas and concepts; one of which is the focus on customer reviews to help generate better SEO.  Matt has helped over 100 businesses with some aspect of their online marketing strategies.  In addition, he has helped real estate agents improve their exposure in the search engines, mine the internet for more leads, increase the effectiveness of “face to face” prospecting, get agents’ helpful videos found in sites like YouTube, reduce the cost of pay-per-click campaigns and more.

Matt also knows how to increase local exposure to your pages on sites like,, and similar web pages.  Check out and if you are interested then you are welcome to contact him there or call (214) 335-5348.

ANY OTHER SUGGESTIONS?  Go to and share your ideas on my Facebook page.


June ’11 Tech Tidbits

Posted in Real Estate, Technology, Technology Training on June 1, 2011 by mtritthart
Random Links for Your Business
 Here are mix of old and new sites that can help you improve your business:

  • Zillow Webtools – I know, I know…to many agents I just said a bad word.  However, Zillow offers many great widgets and data for your website, Facebook page and blog….All with the ability to brand yourself on the Zillow site for FREE.


  • Google Cloud Connect This new site allows you to create Microsoft Office files but save them in Google Docs.  Combining the best of two programs.  Very cool!