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May 2011 Tech Tidbits

Posted in Real Estate, Technology, Technology Training on May 2, 2011 by mtritthart
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Technology Tidbits from Michael Tritthart Facebook Business Page

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Help Me…Help You…and You and You.
That is what you say to the local business owners in your community that you are marketing in.  How do you help?  Yelp! is a consumer rating site that has been around since 2005.  In 2010 they had over 15 million reviews.  Here is how you can use this to help everyone, including yourself, in your community.
1.  Find 10-15 local businesses that you frequent that are on Yelp.  Write detailed reviews of the locations.  Next time in the business let them know you helped them out with a glowing review.  They in turn will be more inclined to write a review for you.  Natural SEO.
2.  Are you close to the business owner?  Print out the Yelp review and frame it with a picture of you in front of the business.  Have them hang it in the business.  Now you will have “community optimization.”
3. Another option, instead of asking for written or emailed testimonials from your clients, ask them to create a Yelp review for you.