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KW eEdge Technology Resources

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Note:  Thanks to Beth for pulling this information together.  The online resources are there to help you, plus onsite workshops can be done.  Read below on how to access all of this.

Keller Williams eEdge, the industry’s game changing technology initiative is now LIVE and KW has provided a plethora of training resources that our agents can access today and in the future. Here are links to most of them.

Several resources are available in the Help and Support Section of eEdge – you’ll find it in the top right corner.

From here, you’ll see several options:

Help for this page – gives help for that specific section of eEdge – Yep,  HELP IS RIGHT THERE ON EVERY PAGE

Training – this takes you to a complete library of KW Connect videos

Quickstart Guide – a downloadable pdf file that you can print.

Coming Soon:

3/1 – TL Tuesdays will start.  They will be held every Tuesday at 12:00-12:30, hosted by Cary Sylvester, and will cover the key questions and updates for eEdge that Market Center Team Leaders can pass along to their agents.  Look for the link in This Week @kw – emailed out on Sunday evenings.

3/7 – Self-paced agent Online QuickStart Training. – Look under Help and Support —> Training

3/7 – Family Reunion eEdge Audio Files (free downloads from the FR site)

The support site “Knowledge Base” will continue to be populated with the top FAQs, How-to’s, etc.

Family Reunion eEdge powerpoints will be downloadable from the Family Reunion site (login and click Downloads)

MAPS will be offering an 8 week group coaching program designed to get agents up, running and IMPLEMENTING eEdge for lead generation, follow up and conversion.  This 8 week course, taught by yours truly begins Wed. April 6 at 2 Central.  Register today!

In addition, both Beth Torrence and Michael Tritthart can schedule all day workshops in your office for your agents. Contact Beth for information and pricing.

Onward, to the eEdge of possibility!


eEdge – Add Listings to Your New Website

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How to get your listings & your office listings on your new site.

Obtain Your KWLS Agent ID

  1. Login to MyKW, here’s the MyKW login page link:
  2. Click [Edit My Profile] under your picture (you DO have a picture, don’t you?!)
  3. Now you are on the Contact Information Comparison page of MyKW. Under My KW Info, click [edit] under Whitepages
  4. Write down your Associate ID, this is your KWLS Agent ID

Enter your Office’s KWLS ID into your eEdge profile

  1. Go into eEdge (Go back to MyKW Home, then click on “New Lead” in the eEdge dashboard)
  2. Look for Admin on the left navigation, then click on “Website”
  3. You should be on the “General Info” tab. Click the red “Edit” button
  4. Under Office MLS ID, click “Add Office MLS ID”
  5. When KWLS is selected as the MLS, enter ____ in the Office MLS ID box, click the red “Save” button
  6. You are back on the General info tab. Click the red “Save” button at the bottom

Enter your KWLS Agent ID into your eEdge profile

  1. Now click the “Profile Info” Link
  2. You should be on the “Profile Info” tab. Click the red “Edit” button
  3. Under Agent MLS ID, click “Add Agent MLS ID”
  4. When KWLS is selected as the MLS, enter your KWLS Agent ID in the Agent MLS ID box, click the red “Save” button
  5. You are back on the Profile info tab. Click the red “Save” button at the bottom

February 2011 Tech Tidbits

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Ready to Win Some Cool Stuff for Your Marketing??

Let’s get your 2011 marketing to a great start.  I have 3 chances for you to win.  First, here is how you get to play.  Go to my new Technology Tidbits Facebook Business Page and Like my page to be eligible to win. 

Great!!  Win what?

1.  On February 2nd, at or soon after 10 am Central time, I will post a message on my business page regarding Google Adwords.  The first response will win $100 worth of Google Adwords; no strings attached. 
2.  On February 3rd I will repeat the same offer at the same time.  The first response will win another $100 of Google Adwords. 
3.  On February 4th, at or soon after 11 am Central time, I will post a message regarding my Family Reunion KW Website class on February 20th at 2 pm Pacific time.  Be the first to respond and your site will be the one I use for the class!  Get Lead Capture and SEO items added to your site….for FREE! Go ahead and like my Business Page and good luck to all! 
Here are the rules: A) You have to be going to Family Reunion and B) You have to attend my session.  That’s it!  You have to be in it to win it!  Go to my page now!

More Marketing for Your Business

Here are a couple of more sites that bring a value-add to your marketing.  One has tons of free items.  The other has a one time, but it is definitely worth it. This site offers tons of valuable items for your site.  You can build single property websites, classified ad postings, widgets for your website and blogs.  Another important feature is their widget for Facebook Pages.  This widget allows viewers to see the single property websites and a property search.
Camtasia Video and Photo Editing This is from one of my favorite software companies, TechSmith (creator of Snagit and Jing.)  Camtasia allows you to create screen captures and photo presentations for your virtual tours, niche websites, presentations, training sessions and so much more.
Book Your 2011 Training Dates Now!
2011 Training dates for the Gulf States and New England Regions are coming up in the Spring.
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