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January 2011 Tech Tidbits

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Fearless Predictions for 2011
Ok, I pulled out my crystal ball and came up with some tech predictions for 2011.  If I am wrong, oh well.  But what if I am right??
1. The Yahoo disintegration will continue.  Leadership is leaving, layoffs are occurring and programs/services are being shut down.  At the last second before closing up shop they will be purchased, allowing them keep going.  But I don’t think very well.
2.  Facebook and Google will continue their heavyweight battle in 2011.  Google releases in 2011 will underwhelm for the most part.  Facebook will suffer a major user revolt because of a new privacy data leak.  However, both will be able to right the ship by the end of the year.  Who will eventually win this battle?  Facebook.
3.  iPad is the device that finally brought tablet computing into the mainstream.  There will be many challengers to the iPad but all will fall to the wayside.  iPhone may be losing market share to Droids and Blackberry, but iPad will remain the undisputed champ. 
Bonus:  View a list of ten essential iPad apps from 1000wattconsulting that I added to my site.
4.  What will become the most overrated product of 2011?  3D TV.  The only thing that can save it?  Live sports.  But really, if you want to see the 3D visuals of a football game then get off the couch, grab a ball and go in the backyard.
5.  Finally, the biggest game changer for real estate…eEdge.  I was invited to the train the trainer session for eTransactions a couple of weeks ago in Austin.  This is an amazing, but simple program to use.  I’m looking forward to seeing the other elements very soon.  In the meantime, I am conducting some of the first eTransaction training sessions outside of Austin.  View the eEdge training dates on my home page.
Do you have your own tech predictions for 2011?  I would love to hear them.  Go to my new Technology Tidbits Facebook Business Page and add your predictions there!