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July 2010 Tech Tidbits

Posted in Real Estate, Technology, Technology Training on July 1, 2010 by mtritthart
What Can I Really Do With Linkedin?

You are told that you need to be on Linkedin.  You get on there and many of you go, now what?  Linkedin is a great tool for the Commercial and Relocation market, but for many agents they are not sure how to use Linkedin.
The first and most important thing is to create your bio and get some client testimonials on the site.  Linkedin shows really well on Google search results when people type in your name.
Some nice, enhanced Linkedin apps are located on my site.  Use these tools to add Slideshare, Google Presentations and more to your Linkedin page for free.  These apps are easy to use and don’t require ongoing maintenance.


Oh The (Social) Webs We Weave

Getting the proper exposure for your social media message can be a little tricky for some to figure out.  Here are some tips:
Ping It Baby! allows you to mass syndicate your message at once to the social media sites.  Want the message to go just to your Facebook fanpage?  No problem.  You can also create sub groups for certain messages.
Need a Quick Update? Link Twitter to Facebook. You create an account with both sites, log into Facebook and search for Twitter.  You will find an app that will allow you to connect both programs together.  Your Twitter message will update your Facebook new feed in seconds.


KW Website Enhancements

Looking to improve your KW Website?  I have helped over 2,000 KW agents with website enhancements and can help you with the lead capture, content, SEO and overall look of your KW Website for a minimal one time fee.  View some samples sites and contact me here to get started.