June Tech Tidbits

FREE Faxes and Organize Your Favorite Sites to Share With Others!
Need to send a fax, but not near a fax machine?  This is one of my new favorite sites.  FaxZero.com allow you to send two faxes a day (max of 3 pages per fax).  There is an ad that appears on the cover page. The premimum service removes the ads and increases the fax totals.   PearlTrees.com is a new site that allows your to organize your favorite sites into “Pearl Trees.”  These trees can then be shared online with others via Facebook, Twitter and other sites.  Great site to promote your marketing niche.    
New Technology Courses That I Offer
Take advantage of the following sessions to improve your Social Networking experience, increase your Google presence and generate more leads for practically nothing!  View the full list of classes that I offer on MichaelTritthart.com 

Social Networking Spotlight Session – This daylong KWRI Regional Session will take your Social Networking experience to the next level.  Develop an 8×8 marketing plan, create a 7 day action plan, learn from a panel of experts and more!   

Become Google Great TREC Course #9124 – Learn numerous sites and tools, all from Google that will give you a marketing edge.  Become a better search engine optimized real estate agent.  Become….Google Great!
Two hours of TREC MCE non-legal credit.

Generate More Leads for Free TREC Course #9125This class has a tremendous amount of sites that can used for lead generation, marketing, hardware/software needs and more.  You will fee empowered after this class!
Two hours of TREC MCE non-legal credit. 

Coming Soon- A TREC Certified Course for MyRedTools.com!  This class will be a workshop for red tools users.  Sign up at MyRedTools.com for a 30 day FREE trial. Use Coupon Code t10k to get some additional marketing materials at no cost.  Contact me with additional questions on these technology training classes. 


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