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April 2010 Tech Tidbits Monthly Newsletter

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How is the Market? Now They Can Find Out From Your Site! answers one of the biggest questions on everybody’s mind right now…”how is the market doing?” You may customize your MLS search areas – everything from counties down to subdivisions. This is a great way to justify your selling price recommendations and expand your sphere of influence to past, present, and future clients.

· Included are active, pending, expired, and sold listings for the last six (6) months.

· Calculations also include average prices with days on market, pending ratios, list-to-sale ratios, and absorption rates.

· The Market Dashboard Online feature automatically updates the reports on your website each week.

· Reports start at $29.95 per month. Please visit, listed on, for more info.

Are You A Facebook and Outlook User? Then You Will Like This!
Most Facebook users have profile photos associated with their accounts. Wouldn’t it be great if you could download those profile photos into Outlook? That’s the idea behind OutSync, a free utility that copies photos of your Facebook friends into matching contacts in Outlook.

Just install and run the program, then give it permission to access your Facebook account. (I can understand being a little skittish about security, but the developer of OutSync works for Microsoft, so you’re probably safe. That said, this is not an official Microsoft product.)

In a minute or two, OutSync should find Facebook friends that match entries in your address book. By default, it will select all of them for syncing, but you can manually remove any contacts you want by clearing their accompanying checkbox.

Article by Rick Broida PC World

85 Market Centers and Counting

It’s time to keep more of your Market Center money in-house! There are currently 85 offices on the Paperless Transaction Tool from, with another 5 coming on this month. Here are just some of the features:

  • Huge “hard” and “soft” cost savings for the office and agent. “The paperless system is already saving us at least $500 a month in hard costs – probably more” – MCA KW Preston Road.
  • Eco friendly and no software or hardware required.
  • Greensheet and auto communication integration.
  • And probably the biggest benefit of all, secure legal compliance and document transfer; which gets up to 25% off of E&O insurance premiums for many offices.

View the Paperless Demo and get set up on a paperless webinar to see the program in action.

2 Day Workshop – KW Website Enhancements
Want to start Social Networking for the first time? Want to start doing a better job of what you already do? Then attend my 3 hour Social Networking workshop. Contact me to get this course in your office.

Tech Workshop
This 2 day workshop covers the following:
Internet Lead Generation Marketing, Blogs, Social Networking and Website Design.
Contact me for details on how to get this workshop for your office.

KW Website Enhancements
Do you need help in updating your KW Website? I offer assistance in creating a site to meet all of your needs and have done this for over 1,500 agents.
Contact me for KW website details and pricing.